A huge number of Insurance Claims from the Mid-West states are rapidly piling up.

Insurance Claims

A huge number of Insurance Claims from the Mid-West states are rapidly piling up.

As of yesterday, State Farm, the most popular insurance provider of homes in the mid west damaged states, says it has received more than two thousand four hundred insurance claims for tornado, hail and wind damage properties.

Subsequently, American Family Insurance has logged eight hundred homeowner insurance claims thus far.

Many of the tornadoes have been reported in isolated areas of rural areas of the one hundred twenty six tornado reports are from the state of Kansas.

Still, twenty nine homes in Kansas were classified by State Farm as unlivable or a total loss. The insurance company took three hundred and five homeowner claims in Kansas.. In Oklahoma, two hundred and forty five homeowner insurance claims were filed and with State Farm.

The National Weather Service rumored one hundred twenty six tornadoes touched down in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma Saturday and early Sunday. This count is not official yet.

Woodward, Okla. received much of the media attention following the weekend windstorms, lightning, hail and tornadoes. Unfortunately, six individuals were killed as of the result of the severe storms. Though an early warning by the National Weather Services Storm Prediction Center has been credited for saving lives, a lightning strike knocked out the tornado warning sirens. The deaths in Woodward were the only ones reported so far.

State Farm home owner claims count in the state of is Iowa is five hundred and ten, and in the state of Nebraska five hundred and sixteen homeowner insurance claims.

State Farm is the top homeowner insurance carrier – writer of homeowner insurance policies in Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska with a combined 24.65 percent combined market share. American Family is the third-largest provider of homeowner insurance. If you are a property owner that sustained wind damage, hail damage, lightning damage or experienced a total loss then you really need to understand how the homeowner insurance claim process works. Cover your assets and know your rights. Follow the road map that was designed to look after your interest. Avoid Public Adjuster Fees and negotiate your home insurance claim yourself. You can do it and we can help.


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